Chaos Chamber

Chaos Chamber is a 2-Player Battle Arena game, where players can face-off locally and battle-it-out in a constantly changing landscape.  There are currently two playable characters in Chaos Chamber, and each provides a different playstyle, skillset, and strategies.  In addition, the world in Chaos Chamber is always changing, forcing players to react to the shifting situations and act accordingly.


My role in Chaos Chamber was primarily as a Designer, though that often meant filling in wherever I was needed.  Initially, I took the role of Character Artist, where I made our first character - Eve - from start to finish.  This meant sculpting, remeshing, UVing, texturing, rigging, and animating.  I also created concept art for our second character - Arbitron - which was created by another member of our team.  However, I was still in charge of texturing, rigging, and animating him.


Once the character art was done, I did quite a bit of programming.  I worked on things like the Character Controllers, some UI (as well as some UI artwork), and the audio management for the game.  I was also in charge of all of the Audio for the game (including both music tracks).  


In general, I really enjoyed working on Chaos Chamber and I think it turned out to be a really great finished product.  Making a fighting-game engine definitely wasn't easy - nor was balancing an asymmetrical game.  But I think the experience turned out similarly to how we were hoping it would, and I am happy to include it here as a finished product.


Download links for Chaos Chamber are included above.  If possible, I would highly recommend playing the game with 2 X-Box controllers, as that is the most optimized control scheme.

© 2017 by Evan Edwards

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