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F.E.A.S.T was a game that I worked on in a group of 4 students during my Sophomore year.  Most of us hadn't made a game before, so the process was good practice.  We were given the prompt of food and 5 weeks to create a finished product.  However, our group lacked programmers - so on top of working on art, animation, UI and general design, I also ended up programming the entirety of the game.  In the end, though, it was great practice, and I think the finished product turned out pretty well!


F.E.A.S.T is a simple concept - run around a level and pick up items in a scavenger hunt style in a limited amount of time.  However, we wanted to make this concept new by adding a high level of interactivity - this added to the whimsical feel of the game.  So as you're rampaging through the store looting for the apocalypse, you're knocking food off shelves and ramming over fruit carts.  The interactivity (although a lot for the Unity engine to handle) definitely added to the game and turned out pretty well.

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