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Mythic Duels

Mythic Duels is a trading-card-game that I made for MI 346, which was a board/card-game design class at Michigan State.  During the semester, we spent a large portion of the time working on 3 game projects to be submitted at the end of the class.  A large portion of my time was spent making Mythic Duels.

Mythic Duels is a TCG that plays a little bit off of games like Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering, but with a few unique twists.  The concept of summoning creatures to fight for you never made a lot of sense in either of those games.  Sure, it's easy to create unique concepts when you can use characters in your card game, but in terms of imagining the actual battles, it never really made sense that a Warrior was telling a Dragon to kill a bunch of his Warlock foe's Murlocs.  I challenged myself to make a card game that could genuinely replicate the most epic of fantasy duels.

And so, Mythic Duels was created.


The comprehensive rules are available for download, but here's the basic rundown:  Games are 1 vs. 1, with each player using a deck of (at least) 30 cards.  Each player also has a Hero for their chosen deck, and each hero has 3 proficiencies.  Cards can only be played in the decks if they belong to one of their Heroes 3 proficiencies.  Heroes also have special abilities that they can use throughout the game.  The goal is to defeat your opponent by reducing their life to 0.

As of right now, Mythic Duels has 450 different cards and 8 different Heroes.  I would be thrilled to make more, given the time or reason.  All of the cards, rules, decklists, and Heroes are available for download above.  So feel free to download them, build some decks, and play with your friends!  If you like it (or don't), feel free to send me feedback!  I would love to hear your thoughts on the game and what you have to say.

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