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Ember was the final project for MI 445, where our group of 5 had five weeks to make a polished game.  For our game, we created a fun, 3D platforming Adventure game called Ember.  

Ember is about a little girl (Blaze) and her pet dragon (Ember).  After you are picked up and dropped at the foot of an island while trying to rescue your sheep, the two of you set out to find them!  The controls are pretty typical first-person controls, where looking is controlled by the mouse and firing is handled by clicking.  The game features controller support as well.


Despite a scope that was very immense for 5 weeks, we met almost every goal we had, and the cutesy, fun, colorful environment of the game ended up just as we had hoped.  The gameplay is a combination of flying/platforming, blowing up enemies, and giving your pet Dragon adorable words of encouragement, which all made for a very whimsical but driving game experience.


My role was Designer/Artist, though many of the design decisions were made collectively as a group, and I mostly delegated responsibilities and maintained quality control of game assets.  In addition to design, I also was in charge of the Character Art pipeline and almost all of the in-game audio.  This was my first time working with Audio, and it was a pretty humbling experience in terms of how much work gets done to create a well-rounded effect.  


As a project, it was incredibly rewarding experience that I learned a lot from.  Above is a gameplay trailer, and links to download and play the web builds of the game are below.  Feel free to enjoy Ember!

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